City Groups


A City Group is a small group of people of all ages from all walks of life. CITY GROUPS ARE THE LOCAL CHURCH ON A MORE PERSONAL LEVEL, A PLACE WHERE WE CAN BUILD UP AND ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER. each city group has a weekly meeting where they gather to worship jesus by reading and discussing scripture, eating together, praying for each other and pointing one another to the gospel. 

The ultimate goal for a City Group is to develop a community of christ FOLLOWERS where Jesus is experienced in a true and transforming way. These groups lead us toward living out our faith in a real environment. That environment is community. Just as plants need soil to grow in, we need relationships for thriving. A living faith connected with others gives a real-time place for growth in the gospel. Developing this kind of community Is not automatic, often it isn't easy and it can even be uncomfortable — but in time, with endurance, and the Spirit’s help, it becomes beautiful. 

We invite you to follow the links below to connect with any one of our city groups and begin your journey toward life in community.